C U Next Tuesday – Ch. 1, Pg. 46
S#!t Happens… part 28

“The Doc Points”

Dr. Haka is one tough grasshopper. Stickup up to Our Bride and crew for his patient’s rights. Will she leave next week? Or is something else going to happen?

Here is a bit of background info: in the script for last week I had mentioned to Ibai that I need a doctor, a nurse, and a guard to come into the room. The were just going to be used as tools to progress the story, but when Ibai showed me the characters and told me their names, the doctor being “Dr. Haka” a grasshopper, the nurse being La Llorona (the crying lady) and a funny looking security guard I decided to name “Security Guard Bob,” I decided to change the plans and work with these characters and turn them into something more important. It’s things like this that make it so fun to work with Ibai. I’m the idiot trying to use these concepts as tools to progress the story and then he comes to me with awesome looking characters and says, “I named them by the way.” All of the sudden I’m like, “yeah, yeah! This is awesome. We can do this, this, this, and that with them.” My brain starts moving 123456789MPH and before I know it, I’ve rewritten the next few weeks. I love it!

Oh well, C U Next Tuesday!

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